An English blog issuing both translations and commentary is starting up at, which ran the sensational 9and sensationally successful) CPE blog four years ago.

Perhaps no other sources than emails doing the rounds at the moment?


Since the last day or two there’s been an RSS-accumulator for “Free Media” running, which incorporates all the main alternative sources for news and critique in France.

The new blog En Greve, established by the Communist Worker’s Initiative seems like the main clearing-house specific to this movement. It’s grown tremendously and now overflows with action reports, chunks of analysis etc. It seems to be moderated with an exceedingly light touch – the only problem is the sheer volume of posts.


Another main source for both mainstream- and unmediated coverage of the developing situation in France is Le Jura Libertaire, which has since the CPE published a continuous stream of news – mainstream and otherwise – relevant to developing social struggles in France. It also has a nice line in digitising Guy Debord’s letters, and links to friendly blogs pretty often.

Cheerfully the French state has been trying since before all this pensions stuff to shut it down, accusing it of glorifying violence against the police. Cheerfully they didn’t in time. JL remains a tremendously important clearing-house.

The assorted Indymedias are somewhat useful but a little over-run. Indymedia Nantes and the relaunched Indymedia Paris are pretty good. Rebellyon (based naturally in Lyon, and focusing on it) is a similar site – very good – no obviously association with Indymedia.

Then, naturally, the mainstream media itself but.


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