This blog is dedicated to the translation and circulation of documents and communiques from the international response to the austerity just now settling in. For the moment we’re focussing on France.

A blog is not an ideal platform for the circulation of texts of lasting interest. New translations – we can hope for substantial analysis now that the movement’s past its first peak – will continue to appear as blog posts; but this headline post will be continually updated with the most relevant links and documents.

LIENS 1: An 11-page PDF, including articles translated by others, which aims to be an accessible and practical tool for facilitating reflection on the character of the movement passing in France and its relation to the UK (and maybe other Anglophone countries.)

FRANCE FALL: a bulletin issued at the height of the French events in daily tranches; a huge amount of detail is offered on all sorts of un- and under-reported events in those weeks. Important source material for developing a sense of what occurred there and its significance for us and for history. Written by a Francophone comrade, errors in the english should be overlooked for the sake of the radical content.

The Rennes ‘Address’, directed to everyone in Europe facing austerity measures, and featured in LIENS 1, is worth reading: as representative of a certain part of that movement, and as having a few good arguments on the way, too.

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